Discover The Secret To Getting Paid 6-Figures And Making Multi-Million Pesos In Sales… Using Facebook and TikTok Ads!


So you can charge premium fees, get more customers, and make more sales even if you haven’t created a profitable ad before.


Dear Freelancer and Business Owner...


If you’ve been looking for a way to make at least 6-figures from freelancing…


Or aiming to consistently make a million in your business…


Then this might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.


Here’s why…


Alam natin na businesses all over the world were affected by the pandemic.


Business owners are starting to realize that the traditional way of selling--displaying your products and services inside a physical shop--is no longer the best way to sell.


People now prefer to stay at home and do their shopping online.


And this has become a huge problem for a lot of business owners.


How can they sell if people no longer visit their stores?


The solution: shift from selling inside physical stores to selling online--commonly referred to as eCommerce.


With eCommerce, you can market your products online. No physical contact necessary.


Problem solved, right?


Unfortunately, the move from physical to online selling created a whole new problem for business owners…


How do they now promote and sell their products in cyberspace?


How do they connect with potential and existing customers who they can’t see physically?


How do they compete with competitors now that all of them are online?


Buti nalang, there’s a tool that can solve all these problems...


Facebook Advertising!


Using Facebook’s advertising platform, businesses can now promote their products to millions of people at relatively low cost.


Now, here’s your golden opportunity.


If you want to learn how to run effective Facebook Ads…


You can charge business owners up to 6-figures to manage their accounts for them.


If you’re a business owner, you can run your own ad campaigns and watch your sales explode!


If you don’t know how to create ads and campaigns that get noticed and get results…


Then I invite you to join…

The AdsLevelUp Program

AdsLevelUp is more than just an online course!


It's a program to help you grow from a complete beginner to a Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads specialist!


For the Complete Beginner

We designed AdsLevelUp to be newbie-friendly. Watch yourself transform from a beginner with no prior knowledge of Facebook and TikTok Ads, into a 6-figure freelancer!


For the Freelancer and Business Owner

If you already run Facebook and TikTok Ad campaigns for clients or your own business, our advanced lessons, hands-on mentorship, and expert-led masterclass will take your skills and results to the next level!

Your Mentor


Hi, I'm Jungie Gumiran

In the past 3 years, I went from being a struggling employee to a business owner---managing the ad campaigns of multi-million businesses, both local and abroad.

Your Mentor


Hi, I'm Jungie Gumiran

In the past 3 years, I went from being a struggling employee to a business owner---managing the ad campaigns of multi-million businesses, both local and abroad.

"Hindi po ako firm believer of Facebook ads. But partnering with Jungie, in just 15 days, tumaas po ang aking sales! I was shocked! It works. Naglevel up ang business ko!"

Chinkee Tan, Wealth Coach


Just Some Of The Businesses We Helped

AdsLevelUp Was Also Featured On

Kapamilya Konek with Jing Castaneda

Where I taught her listeners how to start and market their online business.

Shared a Stage with the King of Talk, Boy Abunda


Featured in

Here's What You'll Get As An AdsLevelUp Student

1. Comprehensive Video Training

We have 5 modules with a total of 43 videos inside that will help you learn the basics of Facebook Ads all the way to advanced strategies.

Plus, all the videos are pre-recorded so you can watch them at your own convenience.

2. Monthly Coaching Calls

Every month, we conduct LIVE coaching calls to discuss Facebook Ads topics (like targeting, creatives, influencer marketing, and more) to massively improve the performance of your campaigns.

During the call, members can ask anything from technical problems and issues to campaign advice.

3. Monthly Masterclass

Also happening every month, we invite experts in social media marketing, e-commerce, branding, and more, to conduct a Masterclass and share their expertise.

This broadens your perspective and helps identify potential opportunities for your business growth.

4. VIP Facebook Group

Unlike other Facebook groups, the AdsLevelUp community is highly engaged!

We have a dedicated community manager that makes things organized and ensures questions and support requests are answered in a timely manner.

Ask questions, get help, and even collaborate with like-minded people.

5. Templates and Worksheets

You don’t have to start from scratch each time you create an ad.

Use our tried and tested templates inside AdsLevelUp so you can run a winning ad in less time. 

6. AdsLevelUp Mentor Group

An exciting new addition to the AdsLevelUp Program! This alone is worth the price of the program!

As an AdsLevelUp student, you can join one of many Mentor Groups.

Each Mentorship Group is led by an expert who specializes in a specific Facebook Ads skill.

We have mentors who are skilled in eCommerce, Messenger and chatbots, online courses, and more.

These mentors are ready to answer your questions and help guide you through your journey.

7. AdsLevelUp Certificate

Finishing the online course will earn you a certificate which you can use to show your clients you're the real deal!


But Wait! There's More!

Get these bonuses worth Php11,500, for FREE if you enroll today!


BONUS #1: Step-by-Step Guide: Facebook and Instagram Ads for Beginners (worth Php1,500)

If you’re an absolute beginner, you will learn everything you need to create your first ad!


BONUS #2: Free access to my 8-figure eCommerce Selling Course at

Learn how to make 8-figure sales (yes, 8 figures!) on your eCommerce store with this comprehensive mini-course.


BONUS #3: Advance TikTok Ads Course (worth Php 7,5000)

Not only Facebook Ads, but you will also learn how to run ads in TikTok. 

So, how much is AdsLevelUp?

Let's recap what you'll get when you enroll:

  • AdsLevelUp Online Course - 8 Modules with easy-to-follow video lessons (43 videos) worth Php25,000

  • Monthly LIVE Q and A + Coaching Calls worth Php10,000

  • Monthly Masterclass easily worth Php5,000 per class 

  • VIP Facebook Group priceless

  • Mentorship Group priceless


The entire bundle costs Php40,000.


But you will not pay even half that amount...


Because right now, the AdsLevelUp Program is just Php15,000 (or 3 payments of Php5,500).

Everything You Need To Succeed In Facebook Ads Is Here

AdsLevelUp Program

PHP 15,000 only!

(Or 3 payments of Php5,500)

  • 1-year full access to the AdsLevelUp Program
  • Facebook Ads Course with 43 videos 
  • Advance TikTok Ads Course + Organic Monetization
  • Monthly Live Q & A and Coaching
  • VIP Facebook Support Group
  • Exclusive monthly MASTERCLASS!
  • Access to a Mentor and mentor group
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Plus all the bonuses!

Here’s what people are saying about AdsLevelUp


Here’s what people are saying about AdsLevelUp


What Happens If You Don't Enroll Now?


If you’re a freelancer…

Every day, hundreds of freelancers enroll in courses like this to learn how to create better-performing ads.


The competition is getting more fierce!


If you wait too long, mapag-iiwanan ka ng mga newbies ngayon and they will become experts… charging premium rates while you're still learning and struggling to find clients.


If you're a business owner…

All things being equal, the business with the better ads will always win.


Because they are able to target their ideal buyers and show them ads that are relevant to them, convincing them to buy and become fans of your product.


Even if your product is superior to anything else on the market, if people don’t know about it. No one will buy.


There's a cost to not taking action...


Whether you enroll or not, make sure you're always moving towards your goals and dreams.


Because the cost of not taking action now are missed opportunities and regret.


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